Rangers midfielder Todd Cantwell has shared a cryptic Rangers message by posting a motivational speech on social media.

The Ibrox ace, 26, took to Instagram on Friday night to share a speech heavily featuring a "never change" theme.

Cantwell - who was recently linked with an Ibrox exit to Saudi Arabia - returned to Rangers training last week as Philippe Clement stepped up preparations ahead of the new season.

However, it's thought Cantwell may be a player who is allowed to leave the club this summer during the major summer overhaul.

Last night, Cantwell shared a bizarre post on his personal Instagram story with a plain background only featuring an emoji of a man bowing and an exclamation mark.

The speech, played during the post, said: "I would rather be hated for who I truly am than to be adored for someone who I'm not. Love based on a lie is of no worth.

"I would rather be rejected for being my true self than to be embraced by the false side of me.


"People don't have to like me and I won't change how I am to suit other people. What you see is what you get.

"I've done bad things and made plenty of poor decisions, but I'll always remain true to myself. Even though I don't like some of the things I've done, in that moment, they felt like the right thing to do.

"No matter who you're with, or what new friends you make, never change yourself to suit them."

Cantwell's latest social media action has caught the attention of supporters and comes just one week on after he branded a doubter a "weapon" in an online exchange.

After sharing highlights from his previous season at Rangers, one detractor commented:ย ย "perform on the pitch instead of instagram then?"

Cantwell directly responded:ย "clips are from me playing you weapon ๐Ÿ›Ž๏ธ"